MY Cold & Flu Kit


The flu season is here!!

I sure felt it at the beginning of January 😦 .As I got hit with it really hard, which has been a  long while since I got sick this way. Which is why I been a little quite on my blog as I been slowly recovering . In this blog I am sharing some products that has help me both body and mind get better from the Flu.

Let get  to the cold & flue kit!!

Step 1. Level Naturals Body Polish


This body polish by Level Naturals has  been amazing. This one is their  Eucalyptus Lime scent body polish. This product has been my little helper in terms of opening my lungs to breath better and detox the cold out.  The texture of this product ( as seen in Photo #2 above) it has a scrub creamer texture. This is because the product ingredients are mostly oils  such as  coconut , sunflower, jojoba rose hip, Shea butter. All ingredients that give deep moisture to your skin.I put it on and rub it in my skin and it just melts into your skin. The scrub is not rough  & does not leave your skin dry . Instead it leaves it so moisture that you don’t need lotion or body oil after. Of course in the best way possible with no oily feeling or sticky or a feeling that you have a top layer on your skin.

The scent is made up of natural  essential oils of rosemary ,lime and Eucalyptus. The best combination for a flu or cold. This combination as mention help me heal and breath better, special at night when I got the worse symptoms. The scent is not overpowering neither soft just in between.

I use this product everyday , during shower time , I just rub it on my chest, neck and tumble, nose and forehead areas . After the body polish sink in my skin I rise it with water and follow with a Eucalyptus soap.

This product really made me feel like I was getting a SPA moment at home Treatment while also enjoying the healing benefits of the oils. 🙂 .

(Level Naturals  Products is all natural , gluten free and Vegan, find  info at )

Step 2 . Level Naturals Bath Bomb
20140119-135050.jpgWhile I rub the body polish into my skin , I also  place one of Level naturals bath bombs on the shower floor           ( photo above) . The bath bomb creates a steam air of eucalyptus & menthol. As I Body polish I would do deep breaths of the steam to also help with breathing and open up my tight lungs . This product really help with the coughing  that I had. In addition it made me feel like a SPA in combination with the Body Polish mention . Both just created a healing and SPA moment for me that was price less.

This product does not leave you shower a mess ! It just melts or rises away with warm/hot water. Neither does it  leave your tub with oils or any type of left over product leave other bombs do.

The bath Bomb is made out of natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, essential oils, organic menthol, Epsom salt, safflower oil .

(Level Naturals  Products is all natural , gluten free and Vegan, find  info at )

Step 3 & 4. Herbal Tea Mix and Meow Meow Tweet rosemary eucalyptus lip balm

20140119-135226.jpgAfter the whole Eucalyptus bath treatment  SPA, I continue it with a Home made Herbal Tea mix of , lemon peel, orange peel, chamomile, tulsi and  mix of dry berry’s .

 Brief Benefits of eat Herb 

♦Chamomile help me with sleep and getting relax.

♦Tulsi is a ancient  Asian medical herb that helps to relive colds and fevers.

♦ Berrys help the  Immune system  with its antioxidants.

♦Orange & Lemon for taste , sources of Vitamin C ( orange)  and  help to detox body (lemon)  .

Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm

(second photo )

 After some Tea Time , I finish my  night with Meow Meow Tweet lip balm . One common things that happens with getting the flue is very dry cracked lips, specially when having the fever broke out  .

I love Meow Meow Tweets  rosemary eucalyptus lip balm for been cream texture and for its long lasting. Also it helped to keep my lips form over drying and cracking while my fever broke out. At the same time it heal my dry lips too.   I had  two of these and one of them I would use it for my nose to keep it form drying . I would just rub my fingers on the lip balm and  rub it in my nose. Since it had eucalyptus it help my nose for getting stuff at night .

The scent is  not over powering , instead is soft but enough to smell it as it fades .

Meow Meow Tweet is Vegan and Natural for more info go  to

Other additional Items to the Cold & Flu kit

Other items that are in my flu kit is Taking Vitamin C , twice a day . Vitamin C helps to fight cold but also help to keep your Immune system .

Of course always had in hand soft tissue’s for my nose .


These where all the items I used to help me fight the Flu that I had for two weeks. All these product combine help me to heal but most important feel better each day , so I could continue my daily routine of life. I felt like each product play a role and empower each other to give me the healing benefits but also make me feel like I was getting a SPA of Healing Moment every Night.

I hope you enjoy this post and that you find something good too to help you fight the flue or any cold.

Remember what work for me My not work for you, so make your you check each ingredient in each product before use.

THanks & stay flu free.

(All products where bought with my own money)


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