Product Edition III : Lavender


 LAVENDER  Edition III for 2014 !

This is the third one since I start in my blog and this is the continue edition of it . AS you my know or seen I am a big lavender Lover. Its a lovely scent with many great benefits to both the mind and body. What I do is that I share a collection of products that focus on this scent but that are natural and true lavender field scent as if you walked into a are full of fresh growing lavender.

Lets get to this edition Product Line up!



First up is Level Naturals Soap in White Lavender

I love many of this brands products , specially  their  soaps . This one compared to other Lavender soaps it has a much more soft Lavender scent to it . It still has that lovely Lavender but tone down .

This soap leather very well and leaves your body with a soft scent of  lavender. In addition,  this soap leaves you with  no dry skin but soft skin .

The soaps is all Natural, Vegan and Gluten free .

Cost $ 6  , 6oz



This is a hand Liquid soap  by Soapbox Soaps  in Lavender.

This is a NEW product line that soapbox soap came out with . I was very excited to get my hands on this . I already love their soaps, which is the most know product form them .

This is a 8oz and all natural ingredients . Some of the ingredients are aloe,jojoba oil & she butter.

Plus , for every bottle sold it equals One Month of clean  water to a child in need.

The scent is just like their soap in lavender , a soft Lavender scent that is not over powered to your nose . The soap texture is creamy and  soft. It leathers very well and leaves your hands soft and not dry with a fade scent of lavender.

In the SECOND Photo  :  In the  side  of the bottle it has a clear line where you can see how much you have used up. What I love is that on the  top It says : FULL of HOPE, Middle :HALF  FULL and at the End : HOPE Full Filled.

I though this was such a cute and lovely detail .

Something else to love about soapbox soap their soap and liquid soaps 🙂

The cost is between $6-7  , 8oz

Great product, price and giving back .

For more about soapbox soap and products go to


20140122-103238.jpgLOTUS WEI  Mist in Inner Peace 

Lotus Wei is a  brand  that I been wanting to try for a while as it is a brand that focus on  flowers  & oils and  how they can help you set your inner and outer body mood.  All their mist are lovely  and  each one  has its purpose .

Inner Peace  focus & purpose is relax , calm, confident and comfortable with yourself.

Inner Peace has a mix of oils of lavender, Juniper,  cedar, vetiver .  The combination  scent is a earth with a tone of  cedar and a touch of lavender.  The scent does fade quickly compared to other mist.

This mist is great to use during the  day as a boost up . I find it great to use  when you need a quick face refresh . In addition I use it as a mist to  set up my makeup or refresh it when I felt my face a little dry. Or a mist after you wash  your face is another way I use it too.  you can also use it for you pillow or sheets to help you sleep or relax.

I really like the product and its idea , The product is a little in the price side but I thing is worth the splurge .

They also make perfume and other products to know more go to


20140122-122019.jpg The Living Earth  Aromatherapy oil in Lavender & Rose 

This year I want to explore more indie brands , as I find them to be so personal and special . SO in one night  searching  through Esty Shop . I came across this lovely brand that focus on aromatherapy and essential oils benefits .

They use high quality ingredients that are all natural  and no animal testing .

When I got it  came with a personal note and the rolling oil came in a  wrap up in a candy form . It was so cute.

The lavender & rose  roller  has grape seed oil, Vitamin E, with lavender, rose, vanilla, Glycerine .

The scent  tone is lavender but as the oil drys into the skin it tones to a soft rose scent. The scent is not overpowering or soft is right in between but in a very lovely way.

I put the oil in my  neck, behind ears and in my wrist . I did notice that it did take a little  bit to sink into my skin but this does happens with this type of products with other brands that have a mix of oils.

I did feel the benefit of these oils in my skin and body as lavender has a natural calm effect  . I use it at night to relax and have a calm sleep. This has become my go too  in my bag.

I really  been enjoy this product and look forward to trying their other scent oils like garden and 9 cloud.

The scent mix are great and  lovely and a great price .

For  $5 , 10ml

For more info on this product and other products like body oil and soap go to:\lebotanicals or\shop\lebotanicals


I love all these products  for their  true Lavender scents but for  been effective . But also discovering new brands and products that have many uses both on health & body. Products that do good in many ways . 🙂

I hope you enjoy this post and are left with a relax sent of lavender.

{all products where bought with my own money and only my honest thoughts are giving .}

{All the products mention are natural and vegan and free from animal testing.}


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