Emptys 2013

20131208-171543.jpgI am always to thankful to be able to try new brands and products . Its always so much fun and such a learn lesson through the process of try new things . I got to try all types of product from hair, beauty, and body . Here is a summary of my thoughts on some of the things that I tried during the year of 2013 .

Note : A lot of products  I have not done full reviews or mention here  but I will give a brief summary in this post.

In addition you will see some of the coming post to come in this blog 🙂

EMPTY’S 2013

1. Josie Maran cosmetic

I got for my  birthday  a gift set of Josie Maran  products last year that include some of her top bestseller products.

Here is what I tried:

A.  100% Argan oil  .5 fl:  I love Argan oil  and has done great things for my face. I actually really like this one for it sink in quickly into your face and does not leave your face oily or leave a oil top layer on your face. It has no scent and makes your makeup look effort less .  This  bottle last my for  1 month & 2 weeks  , a little goes along way.

B. Argan Hair serum : I liked this in terms of it scent and the fact that it did not make my hair oil or look oil. I did finish it but will not be buying it as it has some ingredients that I didn’t like like silicone.

C. Broad Spectrum SPF 40 lotion : I have such a hard time with finding sunscreen for my face as most make me break out or have a bad allergy reaction . I liked this as my face did too and sinks in quickly to your skin , have a high SPF and does not leave a stick feeling or a white mask in your face. It smells great and not like sunscreen . The only thing is that I didn’t like that is had Phenoxyethanol other then that the other ingredients look  good to me. In terms of sunscreen products.  I will buy this again until I continue my search for a sunscreen that is more green. I know this is a tough task !

D. Other products : Argan self heating hair treatment, moisture tinted and the cheek gel  , where other products that I tried from this brand but where a No GO for Me. In terms of ingredients, and  my skin /hair reaction  to them.

This brand is a Nice brand and easy access  in terms of trying the products by hand compared to others ( find it at  Sephore.com). I do think this brand is a much better choice compared to many other non-green brands . In addition all products are made in US and are animal testing free. I think is a go start brand . 🙂

Soon a Review of my best Pick of Argan oil coming to the blog!!

2. Acure Organics

I got to try many products from this wonderful line . One of the first things I got to try was their hair care products. And I am completely in love that I got a full size of them.  The Moroccan Argan oil shampoo & conditioner  smells amazing like sweet almond cherry. Its leaves your hair soft and looking healthy .  Just love this. And this one of the brands that I felt in love with in 2013.

A review of a full-line of this products are coming soon to the blog as I am current finishing giving it a test run to give you a full view and thought on this great brand !!!

3. Soapbox soap

This is brand that you guys seen A lot in my Blog. I felt in love with this brand for what did do and their propose and mission.  In which they provide clean water and soap to children that don’t have access to it. Soapbox Soap has a whole line of soap, which I love!!! They leave your skin soft , clean and with a great scent . Plus are vegan, gluten free and 100% natural.

These where one of my favorite discover brands of the year!

A whole review is coming  soon with their new soap items Body wash &  hand wash !

For my reviews on the soap go here:



4.Noya Lip Balm

Noya is a lip balm brand and company that makes natural and animal free testing Lip balms. They are great and leave your lips soft. I love their formula scent as it is not strong or over power.  It come in fiver flavors . In addition every lip balm sold one is giving to a homeless . Returning toe good bad to the community .

Really love them and their company’s mission.

Summary review  found here:


5.80 Acres of Mcevoy Ranch

I got in 2013 a lavender body set from this brand to try out some of their basic body care products, which is the main focus of this brand. Most of the ingredients are grown out in their farm and use natural ingredients. I really enjoy this brand as their scents are true scents . Both the soap and lotion leave your skin soft and not dry. The quality is great .

For  a deeper review on this brand products go here :



6.Zoya Nail Polish

In 2013 is when I rediscover nail Polish . And it all started with Zoya !A nail polish brand that has amazing color but that are  5 free of common toxic that are found in other nail polish.  Really like this brand and its price point .

This is not a empty product but sure one that I used a lot 🙂 .

Looking forward to this spring colors !

 Find a Reveiw  here :https://bohochicmeetsorganics.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/october-favorites/

 7.Kelapo Extra Virgin coconut oil

I got a sample of this coconut oil in a subscription box , don’t remember which one  but I was in a completely pause when I smell this . It smells just like the Caribbean!

I have used many different coconut oils but NONE smell like this .  It just smells amazing and that I had to go and run out and get this !  It has the same texture and from as other coconut oils  . I have been putting this on like its no tomorrow 🙂

A full review of this coming soon!!!


 These are  just some of the  the  many brands brands that I tried . And the ones that pop out for me this year in terms of product and discovering new brands.

I did try other brands that I did not mention here but you  can see a overall photo of some in the photo above.

If you see anything that you want me to put up in a post, let me know and I be glad to share my view.

(AS always all products & samples where bought with my own money and my thoughts are my own).

To more Green in 2014 !!!


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