MY 2013 Star’s of Green Brands


My green star’s for 2013

This year has been a year of discovering many beauty green brands and online green stores .

At the same time I also rediscovered brands that I’ve used for years that have launch new products to their collection.

It’s great to also know of new coming brands that are taking part of the green community and spreading the word out . But most important known that the choices have grown and improve  .

   so here are the list of Star’s .

♦Star’s list♦

1. Acure Organics

Is a brand that I rediscover as I been branching out to use some of their other products from hair and face care.  I love their body wash to use for seasonal scents like their pumpkin .  This brand focus in both product and giving to community is amazing. They just launched their face wipes , which is in my list to try for 2014.

2. Coola

One product that I find so hard to find for me is a sunscreen . I try many and I mean many and I end up with a skin allergy or a bad break out. 😦 So when I got a chances to try coola minerals  I was worry in what it  would  result too. But with surprise I loved how this sunscreen sinks in your face without leaving a white mask or wired smell. They also have a tinted one which is great for those quick  days. MY favorite was the cucumber sunscreen it gives your skin a cool and fresh feeling and it’s so light that you even forget that you had sunscreen.

So I am really happy with this great find.  Here is  my review

3. Meow Meow Tweet

A brand that continues to … Meow .. Me . I can’t get enough of this brand. I love everything that they make and the passion that goes on  in each product is seen through each one. They recent just launch two new skin care items the a face oil , face  exfoliate and  body/face tonic. . One that I current trying   and loving .. Post coming soon.

They are simple but yet just Meow .

4. Honest Company

Honest company is a new brand that I try this year . Their focus is baby  care and house  cleaning tools with no toxic. I got the trial set to try some of their base items . I really love their hand soap wash and  clothing detergent . This brand has a big selection of house cleaning items , which is super nice to be able to get in one place , which is why they are in my star list. They do offer bundle where you save money or you can get it individual. I am still testing their products but so far its good.

5. Level naturals

Level naturals is a brand that focus in soap and body items  but also give back to the community. I have gone completely in love with this brand as their soaps and scents are amazing . They make me feel like in a SPA.  Should I say more …. 🙂

6. One love Organics

One Love organic is a new brand for me and one that is very popular in the green community. One of the products that I got to try is their Brand new day scrub and masque. And I am In love ! This scrub has two functions plus you can mix it with water or favorite oil. Its great for sensitive skin as it is not harsh neither does it stripe your skin like other do. Now that is a star product!

I look forward to trying their other products this coming year.

7. SoapBox Soap

This is a popular brand in my Blog in which you have heard me mention alot but I can’t help it I just love their soaps. They work great and do good at the same time. It can’t get better then that. They recent just launch too their body wash and hand soap in liquid form. I just order some and hope to get them to let you know how they compare to thier soaps.

8.Lotus Wei

I really wanted to try this brand but have not got around to it . Until I open My December Goodebox and got two sample mist of their popular scents. And Oh my , this mist not only smell amazing but have a  smell therapy  healthy effect.  The main idea behind this brand is to uplift you and your mood through scent. And that what it does.

9. Noya Beauty

I am a Lip Balm girl and I am always looking for new lip balms  to try. I discover Noya a natural lip balm brand that is fairly new. In addition for every lip balm sale one is giving to a homeless person. Is one for one ! That’s a star for me plus is natural and animal testing free.

They have about four or five flavor I have the cherry and vanilla. They have a light scent and are smooth and work good for dry and chapped lips.

10. Abes Market

I love this online one stop online store. They have everything you could possible need for home and personal care to making a meal. The customer services is amazing and the site is so amazing in proving cooking tips, green living and health ideas, advise and much more.

A place that I continue to love every year.

11. S.W Basic

This is a new brand for me and one that has been buzz about in green community . A brand that is simple and yet effective. I just try their lip balm in coca , which I love  and works great for chapped lips for its long lasting  . I am looking into trying their other products such as their reused cotton pads and makeup remover  .

12. SPARITUAL Nail polish

I am not a big nail polish girl due to the high chemical found in them but I got a  trial size in my Yuzen box a few months back and it changed my though on nail polish. I just love the formula and staying power. The nail polish color are beautiful and shine that you don’t need a top coat .

:::::::: This is my Summary of star Brand:::::::::

These brand where giving stars for been great in both natural, formal and giving back to community or a organization. Which is important to me and really stood out  because they where effective .

I hope you enjoy this post of my Brands Star’s  for 2013 and look forward to trying more of these brands and new one’s in the coming year.

!!!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!

If you you know of any brand that you thing I should try or products form brands mention above > I would love to hear!

( all products and subscriptions mentioned are bought with my own money and my thought are my own )


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