Tips to help Stay Calm on Holiday Rush


 Its the holiday season and December is one of the busy months .

AS their is a lot in are mind form planning  dinners, attending family party’s to going through the list of gifts.

Where task or are To Do List become endless.

TIPS in Keeping Balance through  The Holiday Months

1. Take Five : Take  Five minutes of silent time .

This will help to put you into focus again  both mind and body.

Do this in your own quite space, bathroom , out doors,  bedroom , in side the car, etc.

2. Just Breath :  Take a moment when needed too and Take a few (3-4) deep breaths .

This helps to calm your rush  and  refocus your energy.

Just sit and breath , take that moment .

3. TEa Time :  Tea’s are great to calm body and mind.

Great teas for the season are chamomile or  green tea .

Are great for  promoting calmness and refreshing your body and mind.


These are 3 basic tips that you can use when every you need that break and refocus from that holiday rush.  This will help to keep the stress levels low but also help you enjoy the holiday with a good mood .

I hope you enjoy these Tips and that they may be helpful to you as they are too me .

♦Happy Holidays ♦


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