Yoga workout in BED !! & PLus a APP


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That’s right , you can do a simple yoga workout right in your BED!

This fun yoga movement will help you start off your morning or help you sleep with a relax mind. Or a great way to just work out a little on those lazy or rain days that we just don’t want to get out of bed.I have those day too 🙂

Benefits & Main Idea of Yoga in Bed

The main & basic  idea of yoga in bed is to help you weak up your mind and spirit. In less words a wake up boost to start your morning. The benefits are that you have a clear and focus mind but most important feel good and ready too go.

Great for :

  • People with trouble sleeping
  • Boost your morning energy and mood
  • or just want A simple work out  for a lazy day 🙂


If you love this then your love the this APP found at the Apple App store called Yoga in Bed.


Image by Itune App store

Why I love It: This is one of my favorites Apps special when traveling. As I have it for my yoga on the go or to boost me back up from the time change . That can take a lot of you and your sleep pattern.  Doing yoga in bed helps me both in mind and body to keep me in track during my travel or in busy days . Most important I love this App for it simple and easy to follow no matter what level your in in yoga.


Image by Itune App store 

About  Yoga in Bed :   gives you step by step instructions in photo and video form. It is divided into 10 videos that focus on  awaken, breathe and rejuvenate just to name a few . In addition it provides information and tips in breathing, nutrition and relaxation . This  App is great for beginners or advances or people on the go. It is easy to follow  and  are short videos , great for a morning rush and easy to fit in the morning schedule .   Th application cost $4.99 .

Enjoy a peace of mind in a SIMPLE WAY.




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