Green Products : The Importances & Tips to Keeping-UP-Too-Date


AS we  know company’s that we love UPDATE for time to time in their policy, products, ingredients, labels and ETC.  The Updates could be for many reason but   many times these UPDATES or UPGRADES may not always be the best for the customer or the products .

One examples of  many that have occur but most current  is the recent Update that  occur  with Stila cosmetics that they are no longer CRUELTY-FREE . NEWS that has been circling In Twitter and among many Blogs and Forums .  And this happens constantly with  company’s in food products, beauty products, cleaning products and so on.

This News Bring a important reminder to us all in green or non green communityTHE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING UP TO DATE.

 As we know We , WE don’t have control of a companies choices in regards to changes in their  product , ingredients or labels and among other things  .  But we do have the choice to not use them and explore others that have the standards we or you  believe !!!

Here are  TOP  #3 Tips in KEEPING UP DATED with company’s and their changes !


1. Social Media:  social media is a great  and easy way to stay current with company’s changes . As many of these are announced through their social media page.So add them to your following list or friends list to get the latest of what is happen when company’s.

Pages like : Facebook, Twitter & among others.

2. Company’s website: Checking  the company website from time to time is a good way to know what is happen with the company in terms  policy, products, changes and etc .Also many times company’s webpages have a Sign up Newletter sent to your e-mail to get the latest news , product and among other updates.  Another easy way to stay on top of updates with specific company’s.

3. Blog’s: Their are many amazing Green bloggers out their that are constantly keeping up to date with products and company’s changes.  And post information  or updates in what is happen .  So stay in touch with the green blogger community  through their blog page and follow them in their social media too!

Benefit of keeping up to date!


Although keeping- up- to- date may seem like another Task to Add to your to-Do -List .

But The benefit of keeping up to date  are just as important such as :

A.It helps you make better choices and decisions_ in terms to what is best for you and your health and your lifestyle. In addition it allows you to expand . And avoid any threat special if your have allergies to specific things.

B. Keeping up to date helps you gain expert Knowledge_ Gaining knowledge of what is happen will allow you be more aware and in the look out for specific things such as ingredients, labels and policy changes.

C. Staying up to date will make you more ALERT_  It will alert  you to the changes and  most important to think about them as a whole in terms to the company, product and etc.



Make time to update !!

Take time to check out company’s news through social media while catching up with friends.

Pick blogs that you like and check them out for time to time to see what is happen.

  Final Note:

 I know it can be up setting to know a company you love has change and have to go out again and find a replacement for them. I know it has happen to me many times but just take it as a learning experiences and as a FUN journey to discover other brands  or products  that could give you what you need and looking for. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this post.


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