October Favorites

20131023-181702.jpgMy OCTOBER LOVE

Its hard to believe that October is almost over but may the Pumpkin keep on coming ! 🙂

Here is what I been loving this month

1.  APPLE (left side)–  apples are in the season .  Apples are seen at my local farms market by the bunch’s with lines full of different type and shade of color of  apples . It’s like a Apple Rainbow .  I love apples and its benefits to my body are even better as apple are a great sources of  fiber and keeping the munchies under control.

2. Pumpkin Candle(right side) –  I just love the smell of pumpkin it puts me in the moody for fall and love to bring that inside my home . This candle is form Rite Aid for $2 ( right now there is a sale on fall products for 50% off, so you can get it for $1 !!!!!!) . It has a light scent that is not over powering but yet warming.   I like it because its small enough to carry it during traveling . In less words I been carrying  fall with me every where.

3.Argan Oil by Josie Maran  (bottom)-  Argan oil is such a amazing oil . I love it for its light and quick absorbing into skin but has help to heal my dry sensitive acne pore skin. Since using argan oil my skin breaks out less and has even out my skin tone and clear away dark stop. I use Josie Maran 100% argan oil during winter as a moisture for day and night. It is not to light or to heavy, just right for the winter.

4. Cream face wash by PHYT’S (top)  This cream  cleanse is for all skin type and  can be used both as a makeup remover or cleanse your face. Its organic and has ingredients of sweet orange, chamomile, passion flower and ginseng. In less words its smells like heaven. I love to use it now as it moisture my dry skin as I wash it leaving it super soft, smooth and not drying. ( I call it My little France treasure).

5. Lip Balm by Ganache for Lips (center left )This lip balm buts two things together that I just love –chocolate & lip balm.  Best part it is  made with natural ingredients and its taste good.  The one that i have is chocolate hazelnut and taste just like that. It smooths out your lips but the bad thing is that you would be able to stop licking your lips.  🙂

6. Nail Polish  Giovanna By ZOYA (center Right) – I love the color trend of green going on for 2013 . And this color called Giovanna is a beautiful Christmas green  with some shimmer that is highlight/reflected by light. I can’t stop staring at my nails.  Plus ZOYA is free of – FORMALDEHTDE,FORMALDEHYDE RESIN, TOLUENE, DIBUTYL PHTHALATE OR CAMPHOR

I had to take a photo so you can see what I mean just beautiful( photo below) .

And yes this green really stand out in my some what pale hands LOL 🙂 .



Keep enjoying the Fall and it’s great Treasures. I hope you enjoy this post .

Have a great weekend everyone 😉

( all items where bought with my own money and all thoughts are me own)

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