Fall Fruits : Pomegranate & its Benefits

It’s the season of the amazing pomegranate. This beautiful red fall fruit has many benefits to your whole body in attention its is sweet.

Pomegranate are in  the season from September to February.

Pomegranate can be use for cooking, baking and in juices or better yet add it to your Green Juice .

Opening & Eating a Pomegranate

Cut the pomegranate with a knife by cutting it in half. Separate the red seeds by place the pomegranate in a bowl of water.. your see that as you pull out the seed from the skin the seed sinks to the bottom and the sink floats.  Then just take out the float skin of the way and drain out the water. And enjoy.

Benefits of Eating pomegranate

1. Provides a 12% of daily value of Vitamin C and a 16% of vitamin K .

2. Fiber: A great sources of fiber  as it contain a quarter of recommend amount of fiber. It helps to make you feel full and keep a healthy weight.

3. Heart:Helps to reduce  the risk of heart disease  and keep  blood pressure healthy .

4.  Health Teeth: Helps against  development  of dental plaque and bacteria that causes cavities/gingivitis  as pomegranate has a  natural antibacterial effect .

5. Healthy & young Skin : pomegranate helps to limit the damage of  UV rays and increase collagen production . It helps to improve your skin texture.

6. Boost immune system : Helps your body fight viruses and bacteria as pomegranate has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. In less words helps you avoid the Flu.  🙂

20131019-151125.jpgThese are just  some of the many benefits of  adding or eating pomegranate. Its a fruit full of good both  for your body and skin .

So look out for a pomegranate at your local food store or farm markets .

Enjoy 😉

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