FAll Fruits : Apple & it’s Benefits


A  Apple

Apples are common fruits that we find at are local food store year round but what makes Apples so good in the fall is the  many variation of Apples .From green to many shades of red. In less words it’s Apple high season.

What’s in a Apple: 

Apple  not  only taste good  but also have important nutrition elements to keep are body’s healthy. In which, in many time are over seen.

For example, One medium Apple contains and gives us  4 grams of FIBER ,know as Pectin.

Pectin (fiber) is a important food supplement to human diets to help with digestive system.  It’s other function is to help reduce the absorption of cholesterol in foods that we consume. In less words it helps to balance are cholesterol levels .

Foods with high levels of Pectin are : Apples, Oranges, Plums, and other citrus fruits .

  In addition Apples are full of  good Antioxidants  .

Benefits of an APPLE!

1. Healthy Teeth – A apple will not replace your toothbrush , but helps to produce saliva  in your mouth which helps to lower the levels of bacteria .

2. Reduce Cholesterol- The fiber found in Apples binds with the fat ( that we consume), which keeps fat  in are body at bay .  That also helps to keep are heart healthy.

3. Immune system – Apples contain a Antioxidant  called quercetin , which helps to boost the immune system specially when the body is under stress.

4. Control weight–  Having a healthy weight is important to are health and  to avoid many illness.  To do so its recommend to have a diet rich in fiber . This is because fiber helps to make you feel full without over consume calories.  In less word it helps to control your hunger !

5.Detoxify – The Liver is a organ that helps to clean out are body’s from all the detox that we consume in food and drinks. It’s are body’s washing machine!!  One of the best and easy ways to keep it healthy and do its jobs is by eating fruits _like Apples.

6. Bathroom helper-  we all have  those days where we are having a hard time going to the bathroom due to diarrhea or constipation. The fiber found in Apples can help by pulling water out of your colon to keep things moving (if need addition help)  or by adsorbing water from your stool to slow down your bowel movements.


These are just some of the basic benefits of eating a Apple a Day and adding to your diet.  But also information in how it can help you stay Health inside and out.

I hope you enjoy this post , and go head and grab some APPLES!!!


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