Labels :Knowing the Differences of Organic & Natural


Here is a helpful chart!

It is found commonly that the terms Organic and natural are used inter changeable . Which, in many times can confused people . It’s important to know and be aware of what these terms mean in regards to what is in any given product.

The break down !

Organic certified products have more restrictions in how a ingredients is process from  start to finish  in order to be certified.  Organic product mean that their is NO  and not allowed to have hormones, toxic chemical or persistent pesticides or GMO’s. In less words no toxic allow here!

(The chart above gives a more over view of what to expect and not expect in your products)

Help Earth: Organic certified products must help earth by not adding any pollution or keeping it in very low levels.


Even if a product is label organic , still read the ingredients!

Company’s have the choice to place the seal or not on their products.

Products are not always 100% organic as some can be 70%, 85% and so on .


HOw we are tricked

NO restriction in using the term or word Organic:

Company’s can use the word Organic in their product NAME , when they are not organic at all or have a few ingredients that area.

Key Points :

Look for the logo of USDA Organic ( the one show in the chart on the left side). This means the product want through the certification and inspection process to be consider organic.


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Natural: products label natural  have no regulation in terms of ingredients used . Meaning that products can have chemical  ingredients  like Paraben, dyes, silicone, sulfate  and among many others. But most important is that its not certified organic and  no requirement in terms of  material process or use or animal / environmental restriction . In less words any goes in these products and ingredients  .

BE Watchful!!!

Products label or containing the word Natural does not mean that its is. The word Natural can be used in names of product even when they are not natural. In less words this is what I call Green WASH !!

How we are Tricked :

NO restriction in using the term or word Natural.

The word can be used in any form or place in a product.

Key Points:

Remember just because a word like natural is place in a product it does not mean what it really says. Sometime these product can contain just as much chemicals as other products. All ways look for products that have the certified USDA label . Even then still read the ingredients.

label usd

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It’s important that we have a understanding in how the terms Natural and Organic are used and what does it really mean in terms to What products have ? and How they are made ? before we place them in are body or skin.

Just the Basics

I hope this brief discussion help to make it a little more understanding. As may idea is to give you the basic and not overwhelm  you .  As I know personally that these terms can be overwhelming. Special when you walk into a local  natural  food store and  see all types of labels and sticker in the product.  And you become completely lost in space . I know how that feels and been their many times . But after  researching and reading  I came to understand  these terms better and what it met to my products . Now I can make better choices and I am no longer lost in the food market, jejeje 🙂 .

But remember it will take time and some try and error  . And a little reading 😉 .

I hope this helps, Green Hugs

Resources:  Organic labeling start off reading


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  2. What a beautiful post! So much good information. Now if we could get everyone in the world to read that would be great…or at least America!

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