Prevention & Awareness : Breast Cancer & Me


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month !

A  awareness  that we as women and Men too should have in MIND all year round!

As we know Cancer has no forgiveness or cares where your from or culture or age or nothing  – the hard reality  & truth!

For this reason its important that we are aware of signs and get are check up as early prevention is key !

I know this personal as experiences in having 10 members in my family diagnose with different type of  cancer and 3 where breast cancer. And I include my self on this list.

Dude to the strong tie of cancer history in my family , I also have a higher risk in my life time to have Cancer. For this reason I became aware of cancer and prevention that at my teen years I started early testing and self-exams (monthly) .I did this as a routine check up like any other check up that one needed yearly.

But at the age of Just 20 I got my first official scare, as ever month like no other I do a self -exam . This time around in late-June something just felt different. I new form that moment that something just was not right. Once’s gone to the doctor and gone through several test to discard any other possible illness I was given results. But through the time of testing of course I was concern and scared . Although young women have less of risk in being diagnose with Breast Cancer but the possibles are still their, so keep that in mind. Not mean to scare  you but just make you aware. Because I myself thought I was safe but I guess when you are young you think all is safe.

The moment came of results , although scare I still had high hopes and good faith that all will turn out . The results where that I did have a small mass lump or as doctor stated small tumor   . Although, it was a No risk but due to strong family history ties with cancer  it was recommended in my cause to remove it . In many cause it is left along   if  no sign of risk or development is present  or removed depending in each case.

It was a process I never for get , specially the part of going through the process and the emotion of it. For sure  it show me the importance of self-exam every month and early prevention. One that I can’t stress enough. I can’t imagine what would have happen if I didn’t do that self-exam.

Today after 7 years ( knock on wood) I am lump FREE. I will continue the fight  and my prevention steps . Along  with spreading the awareness to YOU  and Together we can WIN !

My message is to all women of all ages get checked and do self-exams it makes a differences of saving your life!

In my next few blog post I will post helpful information, personal tips of prevention that I’ve follow and how you can help support many women and ways you can support Breast Cancer research .

Stay Tune for more PINK

Start become aware today !!! and spread the knowledge !!!

  For more information about breast cancer, self-exam, and how to spread awareness :

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