Autumn skin ,body,and wellness care Tips


Autumn is Official Here !

That means are skin, hair and body will start to change just like every season .All part of the body adopting as whole to the season change.Meaning its that time to prepare are whole body to the coming cold , wind and all the things that winter bring including colds and flue’s.

Below I will be sharing Tips in how I prepare for autumn and winter.


Autumn wellness TIPS

  1.  Water-No matter what season its is always drink your 8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated . This is a key element to health but also help’s your skin from becoming over drying .
  2. Eating fruits & vegetables – In addition to drinking water also consume  your fruits and vegetables as its a great sources of water to your body. It also contain other nutrition elements that keeps you body hydrated and healthy. Make your self a fruit or green juice and enjoy.
  3.  Vitamin C – Take your daily dose of vitamin C to help keep your immune system in track  and strong .  It will help and avoid you form getting sick special in the coming  flue season. Take your C.
  4. Omega-3 & antioxidant– keep your glow year round  and skin healthy . As Omega -3 & antioxidant help  to boost the skin/body immune system , preserve the quality of skin and  help your skin keeps its natural glow.  Eat  your  fish and berries  are just some of the ways to get this great source.
  5. Take a Moment– Take time to pamper your self and your skin. Do home  SPA , enjoy the gold colors of the out doors or just take a moment to breath and just smell autumn. This will help to center yourself and prepare your body to weather changes and most important a better wellness you.

        Autumn body and skin TIPS

  1. Moisturize-Moisturize–  This is so important !  Use a heavier moisturize to keep your skin from over dry .  Great moisturize ingredients  for  lotions or oils  to look for  are coconut oil,  argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter. These ingredients keep the skin moisturize as it creates a wall to keep dry air  from entering the skin  and become more dry. Give your skin some love and keep dry skin at bay.
  2. Sun screen – Although the Sun seems to hit us less we still get hit by  sun rays . It’s important to wear a 20-30 SPF sunscreen in your face or any area exposed to the sun . Wearing sunscreen will keep your skin from aging  faster, avoid sun damage and other effects that sun is know to cause are skin. Remember to re-apply it when needed according to the sunscreen of choice.
  3. Face & body cleansing  – Use  a light and gentle cleansing product that doesn’t over dry, or strip your face/body natural oil. Your body & skin will need these in the cold weather . Try to use a wash that is creamier and that gives extra moisture. Use a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores . Also avoid any hardish  ingredients  that can cause over drying  your skin like alcohol .
  4. Exfoliate– this is important to keep your skin smooth and remove death skin cell.  Its important to do this  so the skin can  better  absorbed the moisturize cream to keep your skin protected and hydrated.
  5. Hair –  Hair just like skin also get very dry during the coming cold weather. Keep hair moisturizer by using  products that give your hair extra love  and that won’t over dry it. So a gentle product that won’t strip hair’s natural oils will help to keep hair form over drying.  Also you can use hair oil or oil treatments . Use  coconut  oil, olive oil or oil of choice as a home treatment to keep hair moisturize  ( leave in for 25-30 minutes and then wash as you regular would).


I hope these basic TIPS help you  get started and prepare for the coming autumn/ winter month’s .  Soon I will be sharing my go too autumn/winter products with you all .

Stay moisturize and continue enjoying autumn gold leave’s .


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