Todays Reading: EWG Skin Deep APP



EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic database APP is final Here!

Whats is EWG : Is a resources website that provides you information on products and ingredients . It’s pretty much a database that scores products base on ingredients safe  and company Eco-friendly  mission and  values. A  great site to get information and knowledge in  product ingredients that are safe for you and your family . For more information :

The New APP

The App provides a mobile access to information about personal care products.

It features:

1. A Scan Bar-code : Scan product bar-code to get database information

on products safe score and ingredients .

2. History: You can save a history of products you scan .

3. Favorite: You create a favorite list of products .

These are just some of the features  according to website.

To get a notice in when the App is launch’s just sign up in the following link below:


This will be a great addition resources to have in hand all the time. Specially when you are not sure of a ingredients name  or a product safe. Considering that products in the area of personal care are constantly launching out  and being label as natural when they aren’t. In addition  to the constant change of ingredients name. This is a great way to stay  and help to be in the  safe zone with out walking with a dictionary in hand. 🙂

Image and information by : EWG


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