Part #1 :Effective and easy ways to try organic or vegan Brands .


Easy Way And Effective Way to Try Organic or Vegan Brands

When going Organic or Vegan it can be hard at the begin as you don’t know what to do or start off.

Thanks , to the Boom of subscription boxes its much easy .

The Benefit: you get to try new products and new brands for a low cost rate. It saves time and frustration special in the beginning process of making the switch.

Subscription Boxes:


This is a eco-friendly subscription that send you a mix of beauty, snacks, hair, body and among other items. If you like to try a mix of items , this is a good choice.

Send out: 6-7 sample items ( most of the sample sizes are very reasonable for a week to a month use)

Type: natural

Cost : $16 monthly

Bonus: get discount codes to get full size items at the products online store.

More information:


Petit Vour

Is a very new all Vegan subscription services. That sends you full or sample size samples . Its focus is to send out beauty items like hair, body, makeup products.

Send out : 5 sample and a least one or two full size items.

Type: vegan or natural products

Cost: $15 monthly

Type: vegan

More information:


Vegan cuts

Has two Subscription services

Snack box – 5 to 8 items are delivery . All food or snack or candy items are vegan. Mix of full or sample size.

Beauty box- 4-6 items are send out . Items could be hair, body, or makeup items. One full size item with a mix of samples.

Send out- varies by box type

Type: vegan

Cost: $19.95 monthy beauty or snack box.

More information :

Eco- Emi

It a indie subscription services that send you a mix of full or sample beauty items. All the items are vegan or natural products.

Send out : 5-6 full or sample items

Type: vegan or natural

Cost: $15 monthly

More information:

Addition information:

None of the boxes above give you a preview of what you get as the whole idea is to be surprise. All the above box ship free with in the U.S.

Sample boxes without the monthly membership

The follow boxes are great if you don’t want to be attached to a membership. Meaning you get it if you want too.

Beauty Sage
Is a natural online store that sales only natural or vegan beauty products.

Beauty Sage Sample box :
Is a one time monthly limited edition sample box that send out 5 beauty deluxe samples. You get to see the items before ordering the box.

Type: natural or vegan

Cost : $10 with free shipping and a coupon code for 10 % off site wide.

More information:

Addition information:
These sale out fast and are sold with two or one day.
The box comes out on the 4 or 5 day of the month. Sign up to their e-mail to get the notice of the box before it goes public.

Below is my August Box:


Abe’s Market : Discover naturals

Abe’s market is a natural and vegan online store that sales everything for the home, beauty, and family care items.

You get to select 3 samples or deluxe items of your choice form the opinion of beauty, food, home, baby, and pets section.

Type: vegan or natural

Cost: $5 for three chosen items

More information:

Bonus: It ships free and you get a $5 coupon code to shop . So pretty much the samples are free!

Additional information:The samples do change weekly or so often during the month. You could only place one order at a time .

Below is my August picks:



I hope the above information helps you to get to know organic or vegan brands in a easy and low cost way.

“I believe health beauty is good for your skin as well as for your health and can be enjoy in a low cost way with out hurting your pocket”.

🙂 🙂

This is one of the way I try out organic and vegan products . Stay tune for the second part of my sharing in discovering natural and began brands.


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