Natural Fragrances


Natural Fragrances

When it came to finding natural fragrances that had no harsh ingredients and didn’t cause my allergies to activate or cause me skin allergies became a challenge .

But after much research and I finally found fragrances that where good for me and my health. So if you suffer form skin or sinus allergies due to ingredients this article will be in good benefit . Keep on reading.

Fragonard Parfumeur


This lovely solid cute fragrances form Fragonard is Alcohol Free. Its scents are very unique and different with lovely cute names. Also many are unisex . Their is at least 18 scent divided into floral, musk ,and herbal scents. All are 1oz creme solid and come in a cute container .

The one Above is : La Bastille
Form the Paris collection

Notes are : lemon, bergamot, mandarine,lavender,sandalwood,neroli,rosemary in base of amber, benzion and petitgrain with geranium.

Has No: No alcohol

Not : Vegan as it has beeswax.

Cost : $9 1oz

What it smells to me :
A lavender and musk scent. It is light and not oily in your skin and skin absorbs it fast with out leaving it oily and during the day it fades to a light scent. A little goes along way.

How to put it on: a little goes along way and place it in your pulse section of your body like neck , back of ears and hand wrist .

Where to buy it:

Acorelle Eau De Parfum


Acorelle collection fragrances are very earthy in a good pleasant way. Are made with natural ingredients. The collection is base on helping your moody and lifting your spirit. This collection has three fragrances with different propose:

1.Dynamisant- energizing
Notes are: Tea garden (energizing),Essence of chypre(fulfilling)
,land of cedar( encouraging).

Notes are: R de rose ( harmonizing),Absolu Tiare( balancing),
Amber vanilla ( comforting) .

Notes are: White orchid( anti-stress),Bamboo lotus(relaxing),Critrus verbena( soothing).

The fragrances in the photo above is Dynamisant.

Notes are:
Tea garden (energizing),Essence of chypre(fulfilling)
,land of cedar( encouraging).

What it smells to me:
Its fades to a light tea garden smell like a very green flower smell.

Has No:
Phthalates, artificial color,artificial musk or no synthetic chemicals.

Natural alcohol made by using natural ingredients

Vegan and natural

Not : N/A

Cost : $55 1.7 oz
In addition you can try the whole Acorelle collection for $20 ( brings 9 .1 oz spray vials.

Where to buy:

Tsi-La Eau De Parfum



Tsi-La fragrances are made with organic ingredients. Are base on plants and flower oils. The collection is a total of 6 fragrances. You can layer these oil base fragrances to create a new personal fragrances.

The fragrances above in the photo is KESU.

Notes: ( second photo description of notes)
Has warm amber,jasmine petals,davana,exotic spices, fresh lime and rare woods.

What its smells to me :
This has a very amber smell but one that is not over powered. This is a oil base fragrances so a little goes a long way. The lasting power is very good as I end with a warm amber smell by the end of the day.

Has No: alcohol, preservatives,artificial fragrances or coloring.

vegan and natural

Not: N/A

Cost: $44 4mls
( you can get a samples set of the 6 fragrances for $20 at their online site)

Where to buy:

Lavanila Laboratories – Pure Vanilla


Lavanila Laboratories are fragrances that are base on essential oils. The collection is base on 5 to 6 fragrances but constant change their collection base on the season.

The photo above is Lavanilla Laboratories – Pure Vanilla

Notes are:
Madagascar vanilla, sheer freesia and cream tonka bean.

What it smells like to me:
Light yet not to over powering vanilla smell. Its has a median sweet smell to it but fades . I light spay this fragrances on me as it can get over power if offer spray. It has a good staying power.

Has No:
Sulfates, parabens,silicone,mineral oils,synthetic dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol.

Alcohol made by organic sugar cane

IS: natural and no animal testing

Cost: $20 .32 oz roller-ball , $58 1.7 oz.
(Additional info: you can get a sample kit to try all their fragrances and body products for $15 . Plus get two free samples with the order at their online store )

Where to buy:


I hope you enjoy this post 🙂 . Reminder that the above fragrances are ones that have worked for me and have not cause me any reaction to skin or sinus.

Everyone skin and sense of smell is different. I would try out samples in which some I mention do offer samples to try before buying.

I hope this was a great help in discovering natural or more healthier fragrances.

Happy Wednesday !


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