Favorite Summer Items


Summer its coming to a end here in the East coast.

Below are some of my end of summer favorite . Lets begin!


Lace top-Golden Tote
The Top is a beautiful had lace detail skirt. Its light weight and could be dress casual or night out.
The top is form Golden Tote.

Bag- Saks
I love this bag I where it all the time , its my staple. This bag turns to a clutch and a cross body . Its like having two bags in one 🙂

I keep my makeup very basic as you will notice along the way.

Noya -lip balm
This vanilla lip balm is great as it tease like cup cakes and is organic.

Pacifica BB cream– This is a very very light coverage But I like it as it adds a good glow to my skin .
Cruelty free

Flower Beauty Mascara– New product that I am trying and so far its good. I like how it has 3 -brush effects. No Animal Testing.

Nail polish – LondonTown ( color Lakur)
This is a 5-free and it has great lasting power.


Acure -Agran cell stimulating body wash
This body was some great leaving your skin soft . I have very sensitive skin and dry skin . This product work like a charm in my skin and the ingredients are amazing .
Organic and No animal Testing

Radom items:

Candy- Torie & Howard blood organge and honey flavor.
These are a must have in my bag. They taste great just like sweet orange and have a great amount of vitamin C .

Coconut oil- by Kelapo
This coconut oil is amazing it smells just like fresh open coconut . This is a staple form me as coconut oil has so many uses to use in your skin, hair and body. I love to use it for my hair after the beach to keep my hair soft .

These are my staples for the summer , what have been your summer staples? I love to know.

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